To honour and share cacao.


To offer educational opportunities that explore cacao—rainforest ecology, agroforestry, processing, the empowerment of women’s and farmer’s collectives, environmental restoration, and cacao ceremonies

To create quality living standards for everyone who works with Cacao Source

To create a network of transparency: connect cacao ceremonialist and enthusiasts with the Source

To give back to the Earth through acts of cultivating abundant fruit forestry systems

The Source

When experiencing our cacao you are experiencing one source. This is the heart of our project.

Every product we share is traceable to a single origin. We source cacao from two distinct regions– the Suchitepequez and central North Guatemala. Our intention is to find more distributors who meet our quality of standards.

The Suchitepequez Mountains are just South of Lake Atitlan and one of the ancient epicenters of cacao agriculture. There we work with various family farms who are still using the Mayan criollo hybrids that their ancestors planted.

Lanquin is in central North Guatemala and inhabited by the Q’eqchi people, many of whom still speak only their ancestral language. We source from fruit forests just above freshwater springs.

When creating your Ceremonial Cacao batch, we never mix the sources of the cacao we produce. Every source has it’s distinct taste and energy that comes from it’s ancestral land.


Of Cacao Source

Cacao became a legend in the Mayan and Olmec world 3500 years ago. The seeds used by ancient ceremonialists and farmers have since passed down to modern times.

Cacao Source was founded in May 2019 by Jojo and Doro, two cacao enthusiasts who found reverence for cacao through the rainforests. Based in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Cacao Source is situated among the ancient cacao groves.

Jojo began working with cacao while traveling the rainforests of Peten and Alta Verapaz for years, as a part of a circus horse caravan. Later, he established a chocolate shop and community center in Livingston (Izabal), and to the glee of tourists and locals alike, shared truffles sourced directly from the abundant fruit forests all around.

Doro found her love for cacao while working in tropical agroforestry systems of Costa Rica. After studying ecological science, she cultivated fruit forests filled with various tropical fruits. Cacao, of course, was one of the most exciting plants to work with because it takes the bounty of the forest and brings it to a ceremonial experience that honors nature.

Together, Jojo and Doro are weaving their knowledge of global politics, environmental stewardship, community connection, Mayan wisdom, and cacao ceremonies to bring this incredible plant to the world with all respect and reverence.  

Buy Cacao Source Product

Revenues are dispersed transparently at Cacao Source. When buying from Cacao Source you are supporting a local community and our mission to share and honour cacao around the world.

Become an ambassador

Share Cacao Source around the world as a Cacao practitioner. Be supported by our team and be informed about the essence of cacao and the fundamentals to sharing it consciously.

Contribute within the local community

We invite you to Guatemala to visit local farms and connect directly to the source of your cacao. You are welcome to contribute directly to the local community and support the growth of an empowered community.

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© Copyright Cacao Source2022

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