Cacao Source is

An International Team 

The project Cacao Source is co-created and managed by 6 Cacao enthusiastic friends with different backgrounds and origins that want to connect the local community with international Cacao lovers.

7 Women’s Collectives 

We founded 7  women’s collectives in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Each collective works sovereignly and independently. In small batches, they toast the seeds, peel each one, and transform them into Cacao blocks.

 6 Farming Communities

The farmers we collaborate with independently own their farms to produce organic Cacao. We work currently with 6 different farms around Guatemala. We support them with information-sharing and a fair, steady income.


Our Mission is to

Honor and Share Cacao from Guatemala

Our Vision 

We give back to the Earth by cultivating and supporting abundant fruit forest systems and their guardians. We believe in the power of social and regenerative economy for grounding our sustainable future.


We offer educational opportunities that explore :

 Rainforest ecology — Agroforestry — Regenerative agriculture — Low tech food processing — Women’s and farmer’s collectives empowerment — Group dynamics Community building — Cacao ceremonies.


Our Courses

We offer both live & online trainings, eco-tours, and chocolate making workshops

We create a network of transparency by connecting Cacao enthusiasts & ceremonialists with the Source. We offer access to the behind the scenes of ceremonial Cacao. We create opportunities to share information for foreigners and locals alike.


We create quality living standards for everyone who works with Cacao Source, with our social business policies: 

Fair share: We pay everyone in the Cacao Source family a fair salary. The people that work with us get much higher wages than usual.  

Give back: We reinvest in the Source. Energetically– by constantly creating connection, awareness and accessibility. But also practically– we reinvest in empowerment and development for our community.

Cacao and healing the rainforest

Support Guatemalan Cacao Forests

Buy Cacao directly from the guardians of the jungle

The Source

When experiencing our Cacaos, you can trace the seeds back to a single Source.
This is the heart of our project.


Every product we share is traceable to a single origin.

We source Cacao from three distinct regions– the Suchitepequez on the Pacific front, Alta Verapaz in central north Guatemala, and Izabal on the Carribean front. 

We find isolated Mayan forest garden communities that grow rare strains of Cacao. 

 When they meet our criteria of quality (organic soils, fair wages to their workers, and agreement with our revitalization program,

We invite them into the Cacao Source family.

 We do this instead of buying from enormous plantations or big distributing corporations, as many Cacao/chocolate businesses do. 

When creating your ceremonial Cacao batch, we never mix the origins. Every Source has its distinct aromas, qualities, and story. 

We are building a bridge between cacao enthusiasts and the communities that cultivate and process the medicine. We both inform Cacao lovers all over the world about the very precise origins, contexts, and identities behind their Cacao, but also letting each farming community gain awareness about all the people they are sending the fruit of their labor to. 

We care for the Source just as much as you do.

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Our model has a proactive impact


We relocalize the work. 

We bring back to Guatemala– the original Cacao culture region– the art of transforming Cacao. The industrial model of production generally has delocalized it to other countries like Germany, USA or Belgium. We support sustainable community farming and promote localized low technologies of transformation.


We share information openly.

Knowledge is power. We operate fluid information sharing dynamics. Our goal is that the Cacao Source family- whether it is the distributors, farmers, or chocolatiers- have more and more understanding about the social, ecological and economical potentials of Cacao.


We believe in diversity. 

Supporting Cacao Source is supporting diversity. the biodiversity in the mayan jungles, a diversity of actors that honor and share Cacao, a diversity of cultures and nationalities, but above all : a diversity of origin.  Single origin Cacao has a great potential for bringing awareness in the consumer markets. And respect for the Sources of our medicine foods. 


Of Cacao Source


Cacao Source was founded in May 2019 by Jordan and Dorothy, two cacao enthusiasts who found reverence for cacao through the rainforests. Based in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Cacao Source is situated among the ancient cacao groves. This is where our journey began.

A few months after the creation of the social business structure and identity, Laurence joined the adventure. With a background in social business and development, she was able to expand the project into the global community.

Since then, the core team has been joined by three new persons : Eli, Deborah and Chanelle. Now, they take care of design, production and distribution. Their collaboration offers Cacao Source more potential on a daily basis. 

During the first two years of the project, Cacao Source established fair and trustful relationships with 3 farming communities. We have spent many days connecting with each farming community, connecting on personal and practical levels, to make sure we are aligned to make our work together in the world.

We also created a blueprint for forming Kaq’chikel (Mayan) chocolatiers women’s collectives. Since then, we formed 7 groups in several San Marcos’s neighborhoods. Each collective has a leader who takes care of the main tasks and organization, and 5 to 10 helpers that work into the many aspects of artisan cacao production– mainly peeling. Each collective is sovereign and independent. In exchange for their honesty and communication, we offer them to work at their own pace (they choose when and how much they want to work, then we pay by quantity produced).

Cacao farm
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Buy Cacao Source Products

Revenues are dispersed transparently at Cacao Source. When buying from Cacao Source you are supporting a local community and our mission to share and honor Cacao around the world.

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Become an ambassador

Share Cacao Source around the world as a Cacao practitioner. Be supported by our team and be informed about the essence of Cacao and the fundamentals to sharing it consciously.

Odelia cacao

Contribute within the local community

We invite you to Guatemala to visit local farms and connect directly to the Source of your Cacao. You are welcome to contribute directly to the local community and support the growth of an empowered community.