Meet Odylia, the leader of Mama-Amor

Mama Amor is managed by a woman’s collective called Nuevo Amanecer. The collective was formed in 2013 by Odilia, with the help of ? association in panajachel, to support women of her community with a professional activity. At first Nuevo Amanecer was focussed on weaving, but slowly re-oriented their activity towards Cacao culture and transformation.


Odilia, mother of two daughters Evelyn and ?, still manages the collective.
The Nuevo Amanecer collective counts 12 womens. Some are single mothers, young mothers and widows. In their small workshop, that is also the new kitchen of Odilia’s house. They do all the aspects of the Artisan Cacao 

The 15 women of this collective are reestablishing an old regional tradition of cultivating cacao in a beautiful way that provides their community with abundance and stability. The recent success of their delicious production allows them to develop their artisan workshop and propose an authentic quality of single-origin cacao. 


Mama Amor Impact

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About Mama-Amor Farm


Their village, close by the town of San Antoinio, gathers a myriad of small lands where mailny sugar cane and corn are cultivated in monoculture. In some parts of the area, the use traditional forest gardens persisted and involves beautiful local hybrid varieties.
The Suchitepequez region, tuked on the foothills of the sierra maya, south of the Atitlan lake and in front on the pacific,offers optimal weather conditions for Cacao. The area offers perfect flat and rich soils, the abundance of rivers, sun and rain,

Cacao profile

Through generations of alchemy, this cacao’s flavor has been crafted to be fruity, acidic, rich in fats, and offer caramel bittersweet aromas typical to fermented ceremonial grade cacao. Mama amor tastes extra fruity and acidic, probably thanks to the unique fermentation technique (5  days in a basket with banana leaves without moving)  that the collective still uses as a local tradition.

  • Diversre criollo hybrids
  • Fermented for 5 days in baskets covered with banana leaves
  • Women’s collective
  • Fruit forest village
  • Abundance of rivers
  • Altitude 550m
  • Suchitepequez region


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