Embark on an Adventure to Discover Cacao Forests!

Join us for an adventure to the lands where cacao is grown! With Cacao Source, we fell in love with cacao because of the beautiful forests that incubate this fruit. During these tours, you have the experience to meet the trees for yourself, as well as the hands that steward the land.

In addition to experiencing the world of cacao for yourself, you’ll also be guided by two of our knowledge experts on cacao. We’ll lead many discussions, some of which may include: cacao culture, history, politics, economics, ecology, ceremony, nutrition, medicine, and much more!

Feel free to contribute to this experience by bringing offerings or musical instruments. This is a co-creative experience, and cacao would love to directly receive your prayers.

Note: This experience is offered about once a month during the dry season– November through March. We don’t offer this trip during the rainy season. 

What's Included

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A boat from San Marcos to Santiago and a 1 hour drive inland to reach the farm.

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Cacao ceremony

Beautiful cacao ceremony under cacao tree forest shared with the women's collective.

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Local food made by the women's collective will nourish your day.

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Production knowledge

Feeding your cacao knowledge from the production, the creation to the ceremonial way of sharing.

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Two knowledgeable experts in the cacao and permaculture area will lead the day.

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Chocolate workshop

Learning how to create pure delicious chocolate with your ceremonial cacao and natural ingredients.


How can you participate?

What to bring: Comfortable clothing and shoes, a water bottle and a raincoat.

Duration: From 8 am until 8 pm

How to sign up: Write us a private message on Facebook or through this website.

When: Every month we release the next date. If you are a group of more than 10 people +, you may request a private tour.

Price: 300Q / 40 USD