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Deepen your Cacao knowledge

This unique course will support your work with cacao while sharing the medicine with your community. With the team of Cacao Source, we have gathered our knowledge and decided to pass it on. With years of experience producing cacao, working closely with local farmers, supporting the growth of 5 women collectives and connecting to an international network of cacao practitioners, we will share during this course the behind the scene of the cacao world.

What's Included

Grow your knowledge about cacao as a fruit, a medicine and an ally.

Have you connected with cacao and felt the calling to be sharing the medicine with your community?

Do you want to honor cacao by educating yourself on its origin and connecting with the source of it?

Have you tried to learn by yourself or learn through different teachers but found yourself disconnected from the origins of cacao?

During this course you will:

Grow and deepen your connection with cacao
Virtually experience the Guatemalan jungle where cacao grows.
Understand key elements about the cacao which will support you to honoring cacao while sharing the medicine with your community.
Develop your entrepreneurial skills.
Become a more confident space holder.
Have access to 35+ video lessons
Learning exercises & knowledge keeper book
Support the Guatemalan local community & environment with our Give Back to the Source program.

Online Cacao Source Course

What's you will learn

Module 1

From Seed to Ceremony
In this first module together, we will be introducing cacao, how it is different from chocolate, and explain the 5 keys to what makes cacao ceremonial quality. I’m going to take you behind the scenes with Cacao Source: there, you will understand the level of love, care, and intentionality that goes into a sacred cup of ceremonial cacao.What exactly is it that makes a cup of cacao ceremonial? It’s really about where it’s coming from and where it’s going. In this first module, we’ll cover 5 keys that distinguish ceremonial cacao.
    1. Genetics of the cacao
    2. Cultivation
    3. Processing the raw seeds
    4. Preparing the drink
    5. & the intention behind the drink
It’s the all about the quality of each one of these keys that creates a ceremonial grade cacao. Appreciation means to increase the value of something. Through this knowledge, it’s my intention to allow you to greater appreciate cacao. This will deepen your own relationship to it, and how you go on to share it with others.

This first module is offered as a short course
as an intro to the cacao world for only 49$ USD.


Co-founder of Cacao Source

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Meet your teachers



Event & Content Manager

Dorothy will be guiding you through Seeds to Ceremony, Ecology, and Sacred Space Holding. Her mission in life is to bring medicine to the world. Dorothy studied Environmental Sciences at Binghamton University, studied permaculture in Costa Rica, taught outdoor education programs, and co-founded Cacao Source in May 2019. She learned the art of sacred space by studying with various teachers in Lake Atitlan. Sharing cacao is one of her favorite things to do.



Production Manager

Jordan will be teaching you about Cacao medicinal properties and history. After studying critical analysis at the University of Quebec in Montreal Jordan began nourishing a fascination for the emergance of sustainable change. Then he slow-traveled for 5 years in central america, experiencing isolated mayan village life, circus adventure and falling in passionate love with ceremonial cacao culture. That led him to co-create Cacao Source 3 years ago and deepen his research about Cacao as a tool for change and awareness since then. Cacao’s symbiosis with human life mesmerizes him on a daily basis and he loves to share why



Event & Content Manager

Laurence will be guiding you through the social business design and cacao entrepreneur modules. With 7+ years experience in social businesses, NGO’s & retreat centers. Self-taught and mentored outside society’s system, Laurence’s education happened across the globe by experiences and innovative actions. She has developed the business model of Cacao Source inspired by permaculture design

Why learn with Cacao Source?

An integrated approach

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Learning curriculum

Through the 7 module, you will navigate a learning curriculum that will support you honoring cacao while sharing the medicine with you community.
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Practical experiences

Each module offers experiences in which you may put into practice your new knowledge or experience a teaching by experience.
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Wholesome approach

With Cacao Source, we approach cacao as a medicine of the world. Our teachings touches a variety of fields in which cacao has inspired our work.
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Give back to the source

Cacao Source’s teachers are international nature advocates. We acknowledge the Mayan land that has been a teacher for us the past years & give back 10% of all profit of this course to our Give Back to the Source funds.
  • Module 1 of Cacao Source online course
  • Online ceremony
  • Virtual visit of a cacao jungle
  • Deepen your connection with cacao journal
  • An Intro to the Cacao World e-book
  • Recipe e-book
  • Course opening guided meditation
  • All 7 modules
  • Online ceremony
  • Virtual visit of a cacao jungle
  • Deepen your connection with cacao journal
  • Cacao: Guardian of the Source e-book
  • Private Cacao Source community
  • 1 mentoring session with your chosen teacher

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