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Personal User

You honor and love cacao. You may want to share a block or two with a friend, or you may want to save it for daily morning ceremony.


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You are on the path to sharing cacao with the world! As you spread your wings to share this medicine, you are uplifted by the high spirits of people who benefit from your illumination. This package is supports the ceremonialist who would like to spread cacao to their inner circle.

16 lbs+

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Advance ceremonialist

You are encouraged and elevated by the spirit of the cacao, and you decide to level up. You know that everyone you meet will be inspired by your stories of cacao that they too will want to enjoy this amazing medicine food. The advanced ceremonialist is ultra prepared to share cacao.

30 lbs +

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Have no doubt—the cacao distributor never runs out! We are so grateful for our distributors for being ground anchors in sharing this magical seed with the world! Distributors have access to wholesale prices on cacao—not to mention, access to the Cacao Source VIP club.

70 lbs+

Cacao for Social Change:
Did you know that by supporting Cacao Source, you are supporting directly over 135 indigenous women & children of Guatemala?
Thank you!