Social Business

The primary focus of a social business is to serve a social purpose. It maximizes profits while still holding, as a main objective, to maximize impact in the social and environmental realm. Profits are principally used to serve the social realm. It is the intersection between the profitable and charitable world.

A Sustainable Project

Cacao Source aims to close all its cycles. While encouraging the local economy and connecting the local and international cultures, we value each step of the cacao production from the roots of the land to your hand. Respect of cacao medicine, the land, and the people inspire our daily work.

Cacao Source is a Social Business

Cacao Source works closely with independent local farmers and women’s collectives. The essence of our business model is to increase the value of our collaboration with the Guatemalan local community. 

By encouraging organic, small-scale local farms, we support the financial success of farmers pursuing an environmentally friendly path. This, in turn, encourages the village to follow a similar path, outside the cooperative world.

With 7 women’s collectives located around Lake Atitlan, our international team works closely with the local community. Cacao processing is a well-honored job– it allows a good lifestyle with a close community and family and usually is well paid. There is no training required, when developing the team we simply seek good-hearted, trustful and detail -oriented women. We generally aim to prioritize women with a bigger need for income to support unique situations or unemployed mothers.

About ⅔ of our cacao sales go to the local community, without including shipment and bank fees. We designed a business model in which our cacao products profit would considerably go towards the community and land which nourished it. Therefore, to have a financially sustainable business, our international team gets creative with new channels of offerings that will support the Cacao Source mission to honor and share cacao.

In order to completely close the cycles of our social business, the international team of Cacao Source aims to give back 10% of their profits to a local environmental project supporting the rejuvenation of our forest.

Therefore, we support the local community, the environment and the financial sustainability of every member of the creation of the delicious, pure, artisanal cacao block that is shipped to your door.



Developing Your Own Social Business with Cacao


Your business has a positive impact on the community. When mentioning positive, this isn’t judged through the belief system of your culture, but rather by the eyes of the local community. Throughout the process of business development, work closely with the local community, where only they can guide you towards a sustainable social impact. Ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved and impacted by your project.


Closing the environmental cycle of your business is necessary for its success. When speaking of success, we intend a sustainable business to be abundant. Observe the energy from nature you use or influence, and how does that energy flows out of your business. Is it as clean as it once was before you started the work? Respecting the land and fairly exchanging with her maintains a business with a positive impact. Just as we depend on the land for our health and well-being, it is a necessary to consider it when developing a social business.



 In order to maintain a long-term sustainable business,  it needs to be financially profitable. No matter how big your heart is and beautiful are your intentions, if you are not sustainable financially, your impact won’t go far. Everyone, including yourself, should be compensated financially for the energy poured into your project in order to keep it going for the long run. Maximizing social impact requires financial funds. This is the different between an NGO and a successful social business. The product of your business will bring enough income to maintain the project and your team.

Business Coach, Meet Laurence!

Laurence is a co-founder and the business manager of Cacao Source. Passionate by creating a bridge between the permaculture design and business models, she applies simple principles of nature into the world of business. She can support you through the development of an idea to a blossoming business, just as a seed is planted with the intention to reap a harvest. 

Before Cacao Source, she travelled the world for 5 years working in a variety of projects and NGOs– supporting the business, sales, marketing and accounting thread. She has worked closely with well-known retreat centers, intentional communities and holistic practitioners as a consultant. Her work specializes with purposeful business: ideas that started with a heart calling.

Coaching Offering:

Do you want to build a successful social business? We offer a business consultancy supporting you with the development of the foundation of your idea towards a concrete action plan and the next step for making it happen. Researching, analyzing, mapping and strategizing inside the principals of social business, we optimize your social, environmental and financial impact.

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