Cacao Source Training Program

Connect to the Source of the Magic

7th - 14 th March 2023 / Open for registration

22nd - 29th November, 2023 / Open for registration

Join us in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala! We are accepting applications now for the Cacao Source’s Training! We will create a container for you to explore your own gifts and how you can bring them into cacao circles wherever you go in life. We will share the secrets of cacao– everything from where it comes from to how it is processed into a beautiful, heart-opening medicine. You will have the opportunity to connect more deeply to cacao, yourself, and a community of cacao lovers


Journey to the Source – Where Cacao Comes From

Cacao practitioner training from Cacao Source Filmed by Ashley Hueman 🎥


The Experience

Our program features:

A unique curriculum designed to share everything you need to know to bring cacao into the world from your authentic Self

2 farm visits to meet and learn from cacao farmers, connect with cacao trees, and get in touch with Guatemalan rural area.


A dynamic community of cacao enthusiasts from around the world to support you on your journey

Eco tour
Cacao Source Retreat 626

You will experience:

The Guatemalan rainforests from where we source our cacao

The art and elements of ceremony, how to prepare cacao, and how to share cacao with your community.

The entire process of cacao– forests and farmer’s to women’s collectives and grinding– seeds to ceremony!
The magic of medicinal, homemade chocolate

Our program features:


How cacao connects into the Mayan Cosmovision shared by Mayan wisdom keepers. 

How cacao connects to a global permaculture vision

Cacao as a medicine


History of cacao & Guatemala


How to integrate cacao in a social business design

Give Back to the Source Foundation

What is Included

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Learning curriculum

You will learn about the history, cultural & environmental aspects of cacao in order to feel confident sharing your knowledge with friends & communiy.
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Practical experiences

You will visit 2 of Cacao Source’s farms and connect with the origin of the medicine. You will experience a variety of cacao ceremony’s and discover cultural & environmental aspect of cacao.
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Community & Activities

Enjoy daily yoga, evening fires, solitude time on the lake & much more! Discover Santiago famous Mayan market. Connect with Cacao Source core team, and 15 other participants.

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Food & Accomodation

Spend 7 days living on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with a peaceful and communal environment. It includes 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day.

The Venue: Mystical Yoga Farm

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When:  March 7th to March 14th/ OPEN

November 22nd – November 29th / OPEN

Where:  Mystical Yoga Farm
What: 1-week Cacao Practitioner’s retreat with Cacao Source team
How much:  Accommodation options (weekly rate)

  • Tents: $1200
  • Shared room: 1300$
  • Private room: 1400$

* We offer a Covid-19 friendly 100% refundable option if you may not legally leave your country or Guatemala may not receive you.

** The price does not include flights, transport to the lake (included boat from San Marcos/San Pedro to Mystical Yoga farm) and personal purchase at Santiago Market.

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