Cacao Collective is 7 Women's Collectives in San Marcos, Atitlan

We pay fair wages

They work at their own pace

We share skills, information and tools

Each collective represents from 5 to 10 people.

They process the Cacao from dry beans to blocks. 

There are one or two leaders in each collectives. The leaders mainly take care of the toasting and grinding, but also the organisation of the work within the collective, and the quality control. 

The rest of the people in the collectives take care mostly of peeling, which is a quite slow process that requires patience and dexterity, but that is accessible. 

We have invited each collective to work specially with at risk persons like widows, single mums or poor families. They apply more and more this invitation.

We have shared with them our knowledge about transforming cacao.

We can offer our costumers to choose a different flavor profile if they wish . Working with such a diversity of artisans allows us to be more flexible.

We invite each collective to work at their own rythm, depending what is happening in their life (usually they have quite demanding family lives). This is why we work with 7 of them, so we don’t need to urge their work flow.