Honor and share
ceremonial cacao from
Mayan's land

Cacao for Social Change
Did you know that by supporting Cacao Source, you are supporting over 256 indigenous women and farmers of Guatemala?
Thank you!
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Cacao Starter

The seed has been planted. Explore Cacao Source and its variety of farm origins. Access our introductory ‘Seed to Ceremony’ online course and learn the fundamentals of cacao. 

10 lbs+

+ ‘Seed to ceremony’ online introductory course as a starter gift

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Rooted in Cacao

You have rooted your love for cacao. You desire to deepen your connection with it and share it with your community and loved ones. Choose your favorite farm origin and enjoy its nutritional and energetical richness.

25 lbs+

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Cacao Bloomer

You are encouraged and elevated by the spirit of the cacao, and you decide to level up. You know that everyone you meet will be inspired by your stories of cacao that they too will want to enjoy this amazing medicine food. 

50 lbs+

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Cacao Distributor

Have no doubt—the cacao distributor never runs out! We are so grateful for our distributors for being ground anchors in sharing this magical seed with the world! Distributors have access to wholesale prices on cacao.

100 lbs+

Personalised Order

Please send your cacao order request and our team will send you an invoice.
6 lbs+ = 40$/lb
25 lbs+ = 30$/lb
50 lbs+ = 25$/lb *we can create a personalised packaging
100 lbs+ = 22$/lb *we can create a personalised packaging

What our distributors have shared